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Thank you for being here! I know there are a ton of amazing sobriety and recovery blogs out there delivering life-saving content. I appreciate you choosing this blog to add to your list!

On December 19, 2016 (after many failed attempts) I started on a long journey towards sobriety, health, and wellness. Incidentally, I would find out a couple of weeks later that I had also started the journey of motherhood. Yikes!

I’m happy to say that nearly two years later, I’m still on that path.

What You’ll Find on Soberish

I want you to be able to find resources, a welcoming community, and insights that are useful to you for whatever journey you are on, whether it be a battle with alcoholism, mental health, physical health, or just wanting to feel better in your day-to-day life. I’ve shared some of my stories and will continue to do that, as well as information I’ve found helpful in recent years. If you’re here because you’re struggling, know that you are not alone.

Blog Content

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When I first started this latest round of sobriety and wellness (it’s not my first rodeo), I decided I was going to lay it all out there. Some posts reflect a strong, determined woman who is working hard to get her life on track, and others reflect the messier side, the ones that make me cringe a little when I reread them. All are legitimate representations of what this process is like. I’ve had highs and lows. There have been so many valuable lessons in both.

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Sobriety and Wellness Resources

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Aside from drinking way too much, I got to a point where I was overweight, depressed, and completely out of shape. I couldn’t even manage a push up on my knees without considerable effort. There was a lot I needed (and still need) to improve upon. Knowing where to start or realizing how far you have to go to get there can be daunting. Fortunately, we are not alone, and plenty of smart people have figured a lot of this stuff out for us already. There are so many books, articles, and podcasts that have helped me out along the way. My goal is to share as many as I can with you.

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Let’s Connect

Please contact me if you have ideas for topics you want to see explored, have an idea or article to contribute, or if you just want to say hello (I’m friendly!). I always welcome comments and insights.

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