Sobriety In The Age of Social Media

sober on social media

Getting Sober On Twitter When I started my sobriety journey two years ago, social media (Twitter specifically) became a haven for me. Twitter, you say? Indeed. I created a totally new account for my blog and carefully curated my following list so that I was only interacting with other members of the sober community and […]

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Why You Should Treat Yourself And Buy A Weighted Blanket For Christmas

the benefits of weighted blankets for mental health and sleep

This time of year, your social media is likely inundating you with lists of the perfect, must-buy gifts for the holiday season. But rather than fall down the rabbit hole of “oh my god I need this,” I thought I would share with you something that will actually improve your life: a weighted blanket.

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6 Tips for Surviving Your Holiday Work Party While Sober

How To Get Through The Holidays Sober

‘Tis┬áthe season to get all dolled up and attend the requisite end-of-year work holiday party!

Depending on your job, this can mean a variety of things. Perhaps attending this function every year is your worst nightmare and you have traditionally relied on the open bar to get yourself through it. Or maybe you love your coworkers and have had epically riotous holiday parties in the past. Again, the open bar was your absolute, best friend.

Maybe it’s somewhere in between.

Either way, this year is going to be different, because this year you are sober.

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