A week by week breakdown of the first thirty days of sobriety

What Happens When You Quit Drinking Alcohol For 30 Days

On December 19, 2016, I promised myself that I was finished playing around. No more relapses. No more bi monthly binge. I was going to take my sobriety seriously and go all in. The thirty days that followed were a roller coaster, one that I am still on, but filled with lessons and insights I will take to help me get through the next thirty.

Sobriety, as with most things, is uniquely personal. I don’t purport to speak for the sober community or to suggest that my experience is normal. I only hope that my insights may prove helpful to someone else who reads this blog, like I’ve done with so many other writers, and says “me too.”

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The dangers of binge drinking on your health

Why You Need To Stop Binge Drinking And Start Changing Your Relationship With Alcohol

Imagine this scene. You’re supposed to grab dinner with some friends after work on Friday. Last weekend you went overboard with the binge drinking and paid for it dearly well into Tuesday, so you’ve decided to “take it easy” this weekend. You’ll just have a glass of wine or beer with dinner and make it an early evening, maybe even hit up the gym Saturday morning. There’s a class you’ve been meaning to check out. 

Except at dinner, that glass of wine felt really good and you were having such good conversation with your friends. You didn’t want that vibe to end…

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