Book Club

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Welcome to the Soberish Book Club!

Have you been devouring recovery memoirs and motivational books since starting your sobriety journey? Are you just starting off and need to dive into other people’s stories to find some encouragement ? Why not join a group of other sobriety-minded individuals going through the same thing!  

Come Hang Out With Us On Facebook!

The book club exists on The Soberish Book Club private Facebook Group. Each month, we will vote on a book and then choose a time to "meet" to chat about it. Of course, we will be checking in with each other as we read (if you want). It'll be fun!

Next Book Starts Soon!

Hurry and sign up so you don’t miss out on this month’s book! 


Check Out Our First Book Club Book!

Starting March 18, 2019 we'll be reading...

Drinking: A Love Story by Caroline Knapp!

There's still time to join if you'd like to read with us
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