Sobriety In The Age of Social Media

sober on social media

Getting Sober On Twitter When I started my sobriety journey two years ago, social media (Twitter specifically) became a haven for me. Twitter, you say? Indeed. I created a totally new account for my blog and carefully curated my following list so that I was only interacting with other members of the sober community and […]

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The Problem With Mommy Drinking Culture And Why We Need To Talk About It

I know I’ve written about this before, but today I fell down a little bit of a rabbit hole.

Once I clicked on the pin, Pinterest began suggesting to me a whole cache of personalized, mommy wine glasses. One after the other, they flooded my computer screen. All had some variation of the same message: Being a mom is hard. You need to drink to manage.

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5 Reasons Exercise Is The Most Important Thing You Can Do To Stay Sober

exercise can help you stay sober

I think you’ll agree that when you first quit something major like drinking or smoking, it’s hard to know what to do with yourself.

You’ve just taken away the ONE thing that allowed you to relax or manage hard times. Now you feel awkward doing the most basic activities. You might as well have two left feet. Where do you put all this energy? How do you handle life now?

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5 Books To Help You Through The First Thirty Days of Sobriety

books for the first thirty days of recovery

The first thirty days of sobriety can be rough. Like, want to pull your hair out and scream into a pillow “rough.” You’re going to need to be prepared to tackle both the physical and emotional challenges that await you.

When I first stopped drinking, I found books to be one of the most useful tools in my sobriety toolbox. I read recovery memoirs to help make sense of what was going on with my life. In order to fight my demons, I had to understand them. Luckily, I found excellent books for that as well.

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Gaslighting a Drunk: A Cautionary Tale

The relationships between alcohol and abuse

You may have heard the term “gaslighting” bandied about in today’s discourse. It is a psychological term used to describe a very specific type of manipulation style in which a person attempts to make another person or group of people doubt their own judgement by manipulating situations, facts, and memories. Proficient gaslighters can make others feel as if they’re going crazy, to doubt proof that is in front of their eyes, and generally doubt their ability to judge a situation accurately. It is a tool that abusers use to control others and it is a wretched thing to go through. Perhaps you’ve known one or two in your lifetime.

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