Sobriety is about more than abstaining from alcohol. It’s about dealing with the issues and internal struggles that led you to abusing alcohol and personal growth and improvement.

This section provides information on personal development and personal growth to help people live their best, sober life.

What Most Self-Help Gurus Get Wrong About Big Changes
Why you should stay skeptical of the self help industry

What Most Self-Help Gurus Get Wrong About Big Changes

Change is hard. Like, real earth-moving, deep down in your bones change is hard. That should seem like an obvious statement, but for me, for years, it really wasn’t. I was being flanked on all sides by industry professionals telling me that change was easy. I just had to genuinely want it. If I devoted all my mental energy to wanting this change, the Universe was going to intervene and say, “I got you, girlfriend!” and all was going to be right. If it wasn’t, it was my fault for not wanting it badly enough. I once read a book where the author told me us that she was battling alcohol and cocaine addiction, a real party chick, and was wrecking her life. Then one fateful day she woke up and heard a voice say, “if you get clean, you’ll have everything you ever dreamed of” and that was it for her. She got clean that very day and everything (seemingly) was sunshine and rainbows from then on (at least on the not using front). I don’t know about you, but no such voice ever intervened in my life. No magical switch ever flipped in my brain and made all my pain and struggles go away.